Automotive Line

We have a complete line of automotive paint and automotive paint like accelerator drying additive for synthetic enamels and primers, automotive masking liquid, paint stripper paste, wash primer, white hood seal, sealer for plastic, polyester resin, rubber seal black/white, plus fast putty, plastic body filler se, white plastic body filler se, universal plastic body filler, plastic body filler special light, universal plastic body filler super light, finishing polyester putty, octano fx polyester putty, filling polyester putty, gray universal primer, white universal primer, polyurethane primer full, polyurethane primer, nitrocellulose lacquer, synthetic enamel, acrylic pu enamel and much more.

Construction Line

Our construction line has an immense amount of development and research in every product. We partnership with one of the best universities in brazil to help us develop clean water based products that can offer much more coverage, odorless and long lasting. Products like wall one coat sealer primer, pigmented acrylic sealer, water-proof smooth texture, spackling paste, vidalar economic acrylic paint, arquitetura standard acrylic paint, rubberized paint, acqua water-based premium enamel, red oxide primer, self leveling synthetic undercoat, dtm topcoat, tomplus standard synthetic enamel, metallic synthetic enamel, classical pda epoxy primer and much more.

Paint Supplies

A quality paint job requires more than just a quality paint. Paint Rollers, Brushes, Sprayers, Drop Cloths and others tools used on a paint job have to be quality products to take advantage of a quality paint. Our line of paint supplies is tested and proven to give the best quality and finish to your paint job. We carry a complete line of paint supplies that can help you get the job done faster, cleaner and save you money in the process. Our Atlas paint supplies line is modern, durable, consistent and reliable. Come down to our store and grab some of the paint supplies you need, we are confident you won’t be disappointed.

About Us

Anjo Tintas is a unique Brazilian company that has a new way of relating to the consumer market; it’s focused on innovation and offering its clients the best cost-benefit relationship possible.  Anjo has more than 100 products present at more than 5,000 points of sale throughout the country. The company maintains continuous investment in Research and Development. This strategy has resulted in its being named as one of the 30 “most innovative companies in the national chemical and petrochemical sector,” as awarded by Exame magazine in 2004 and 2006. “We believe that companies that invest in innovation will set themselves apart in the market”, emphasizes Filipe R. Colombo, the company’s president.

Headquartered in the city of Criciúma, in Santa Catarina, Anjo Tintas is a company specializing in paints, solvents and accessories for the automotive, real estate, flexography (printing) and industry sectors. Since innovation is key for the company, Anjo Tintas has a partnership with the Federal University of Santa Catarina (USFC). Through this relationship, an exclusive technical team, made up of masters degree and Ph.D. holders in chemistry, chemical engineering and material engineering with extensive experience in the paint sector, works within the university’s confines to develop new products and make improvements to existing products. “As a result, it’s possible to highlight the launch of innovative products, such as ProtectPack, an anti-bacterial paint aimed at flexography companies.” [Others include] “The Super Leve plaster, the Premium Acrylic Paint Anjo Mais, and Eco-Thinners,” he details. In fact, Premium Acrylic Paint Anjo Mais offers a yield up to 80% higher than common paints in the market”, he emphasizes with respect to the savings passed on to the consumer.

Our Products

Paint Ideas


Maryanna Rodgers

I’m very busy mother and wife and when I decided to remodeled my kids rooms I picked Anjo paints for the clean and clear color and also for the fact that is totally water based. I was very impressed with the cover it provides and how clear the color are. Very easy to apply, no hassle no smell, quick dry time and it looks fabulous. The store owner convinced me to use they line of brushes and paint rollers and I was also surprised with how durable they are and how clean the lay the paint exactly where I needed to. The customer service was excellent and the results even better, I would definitely recommend House Paint Supply and their line of products.

Kevin Urlich

I’m a professional painter and I own a company in South Florida, I have used pretty much every brand of paint and paint supplies out there and most of them are very good. When one of my employees told me about this new Anjo Paint and described how much more coverage it gives per gallon I was very skeptical but I decided to give it a try and Wow, what a surprise. With many years of experience I can tell how much paint to use in a project and I’m usually dead on but this time around what I had left in the buckets was almost 40% of what I had purchased for that project I couldn’t believe how well the coverage is. This new line of paint is going to same big and I’m definitely happy with that.

Mike Douglas

I happen to be a a professional painter and I also happen to live 2 minutes of this new Home Paint Supply and one day I stopped by just to get to know the store and the products. After talking with the owner Jorge for about 30 min he convinced me to give a try on Anjo paint that he carries in the store. I buy all my supplies from the big name stores and I wasn’t sure I wanted to try but since he gave me a gallon to tested I said why not. How surprised was I when I used? VERY SURPRISED! I was amazed with the clean and clear color it leaves in the surface and how easy to apply, fast drying time and excellent coverage. Since then I have purchased more and more paint from them and the results are always great.

Stephen Taylor

I happen to know Jorge from a job he did for me many years ago and we have become friends since then. I heard that he had opened this new paint supplies store near me and I decided to pay him a visit to wish him good luck with the new business. During the conversation he mentioned that he is also caring an high quality automotive line of products a lot less expensive and since I’m working with my son on our 1967 Chevelle father and son project I thought to myself well if it is a good product and I can save lots of money why not give a try. The product is comparable to any other product you can find in the market but the price is almost 40% less and that in itself should be enough reason for you to try it as well.


After applying rust converter how to proceed painting?

The converter will convert the rust forming a protective film. After curing and / or final drying, we can apply Primer PU and Paint Finishing (PU, Polyester + Varnish, etc.)

Which Epoxy Enamel of the Angel can I apply in swimming pools?

The Angel does not have in its own Epoxy Enamel line for swimming pool. The product for application in swimming pools must use component B based on PNA. Epoxy Enamel PDA Angel can not be used in swimming pools, as it may present water contamination.

How long can I leave Primer Primer applied to after applying paint finish?

Maximum 24 hours after application. After this time it may compromise adherence.

Can the rubberized paint be applied in a water tank and or pools?

Inside you cannot, on the outside yes.

Can floor paint be applied on asphalt?

Will not have good adhesion, we do not indicate use for this purpose. Use Ink for Demarcation.

Can I apply Acrylic and / or Rubber Paint in pipes?

Acrylic paint does not indicate, will not have good adhesion. Rubberized can be used.

Can I use Metal Enamel on wood?

No, not recommended

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